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Out on a limb…

Addendum image for previous post called Dreaming up art…always in the long now cover of The New Yorker, October 5, 2009 called “On the Edge” by Gรผrbรผz Dogan

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Kinetic Photography: something new to try?

Here is where I first came across the notion of kinetic photography, also known as camera tossing.ย  This is very intriguing to me.ย  Not sure if I have the guts … Continue reading

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Living walls…green art

Getting ready for the Three Rivers Environmental Weekend this Saturday and Sunday with the Green Home Tour, where I will be hosting a booth for the California Native Plant Society…..and … Continue reading

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Dreaming up art…always in the Long Now

Just some notions to share from a 9 year old essay by Brian Eno, one of the founders on the Long Now Foundation. Humans are capable of a unique trick: … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon grazing…

Visiting some of my favorite blogs….resting and keeping cool……waiting for summer to be truly over……and for rain to soak the earth again….(talked with bed and breakfast guests from New York … Continue reading

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Human innovation is the camera…

Rumi: These rocks and earth-forms were originally sun-warmed water. Were they not? Then the planet cooled and settled to what we are now. “Hideaway” digital art by Inga Nielson [all … Continue reading

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Mandala as Living Organism

A microscopic photograph of a marine diatom alga Actinoptychus heliopelta made by Dr. Stephen Nagy of Helena, Montana “Diatoms are microscopic, unicellular organisms that occur abundantly in marine and freshwater … Continue reading

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