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The sun’s morning rays filtering over the hill tops reminds us we are always in motion.
The earth turns on its axis as we go with it always.

"Early Morning" photograph © Elsah Cort“Early Morning” photograph © Elsah Cort

[My early morning “burnout blips” seem to be returning. It’s a practice I started many years ago, recording messages  without editing, that fit into the twitter 140 character mode exactly. Glad to see them again, reminding me that life is lived in spirals.]

…scryed Rumi just after this morning’s burnout blip….love the serendipity genius at work…

Rumi:  We seem to be sitting still but we are actually moving, and the fantasies of phenomena are sliding through us, like ideas through curtains.

Life Layers Itself

Thinking about the intense harvest full moon experience of yesterday…leads me to leap out of the box (or as Deepak Chopra says, “…throw away the box…”) for how I present my art and help others share the process of their art-making…so I did some research about the full moon that happened last night at 8:19 pm…I always know that something macro is happening with our every day events, opportunities to delve deeper and embrace transformation.

“Excitement and anticipation is always associated with change, as it is an adventure into the unknown, as we wait patiently, watching and expecting the unexpected results. The emphasis here is faith, trust, hope, loyalty, invisible sustainment and the conviction that our goals are achievable through our passion and determination of will. Our greatest assets at the moment is the refusal to give up hope when all seems hopeless and our ability to change course or improvise, if need be. It is warning us from hanging on to what worked in the past and to release the negative thoughts which is holding us back from our own progress. This Full Moon is reminding us that we are moving into the abyss of no return, but onward to new adventures and potentials that are beyond our wildest dreams.” quote source

beeswax collage ©Elsah Cort
(made in the summer Arts Alliance workshop with Amber George)

Designing for Generosity

How do you spend your generosity quotient? Do you create just for a monetary return?

Creation is not just something like making an artwork, it is everything you do–in your job, in your home, in your family, in your mind. Here is a another way to look at the exponentially expanding digital technology and its intersection with the human heart. Shirky says, “Free cultures get what they celebrate.”

Are you celebrating a creative generosity that is shared without prejudice or restriction? This is the crux of a true artist..

Watch TED video: Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world

Still here…

It’s cold, but not too cold.
There’s snow up in the high mountains.
This place, this home.

birdbath waiting for the sun to thaw

The palmistry of mountains…

There comes a time…

when you see something that pretty much sums up everything,

when you are gifted a glimpse, ever so feebly, of your life from so broad a perspective you may as well be looking down from the moon,

when poet people from the past show up in today, and the past is changed, like time moves backwards instead of forwards (which it does sometimes),

and you know the place where you live so well that you can point to the exact spot, on a map with no road signs, no town names, no boundaries of any kind…but just fine black, delicate lines, tracing the wrinkles, like in a human palm, of mountain and valley, where water has had the audacity to rush and drop over rocks and sand, seeping into roots of willow, sycamore, and mugwort (used by local Native Peoples as the equivalent of holy sage.)

Tonight I pin-pointed exactly where I live, on such a map, offered as “art” in a 12 foot, or more, by 6 foot, or more, lithograph quilt of the Kaweah Watershed, “hung” on a gallery wall.

Headliners for the Kaweah Land and Arts Festival on November 6-8, artist Matthew Rangel and writer/photographer John Spivey are exhibiting lithographs and photographs throughout November at Arts Visalia Gallery, 214 E. Oak, Visalia CA, open Wed-Sat 12-5 pm.

10DueEastfromMoroRock-largeStronghold – Due East from Moro Rock, lithograph
©Matthew Rangel

John Spivey
“We are part of something so profound that to call it random acts of chaotic probability, or to alternatively call it God, simplistically reduces this profundity to a shadow of what it really is. The ultimate answer to this environmental question is that we all have to learn how to live in relationship with this profound nature of life.”

©John Spivey, from exhibit at Arts Visalia “Luminosity of Stone
see also,

Spivey is author of The Great Western Divide, CrowsCry Press 2006.
“Is your mind abundant? How has it come to its present state of being?  Is is full of the nuance and fluidity of life or is it rigid and barren, painful and lonely?  It is never too late to come back to the fullness of who you really are, to come back to knowing.  Are you willing to restore the abundant landscape of your mind, maybe restory it? Is there an original story, one without words, only just knowing? Put another log on the fire if you wish to go further into all of this.  You need to stoke the fire a little for yourself.” page 45


New work ©Elsah Cort one of nine images finished today
in the form of 5X5 inch cards in a series called Square One.

Digital collage
from original mandala painting
and photograph of Kaweah River at my favorite swimmin’ hole
at the home of friends who live on Dinely Drive in Three Rivers.

Human innovation is the camera…

These rocks and earth-forms were originally sun-warmed water.
Were they not?
Then the planet cooled and settled to what we are now


“Hideaway” digital art by Inga Nielson
[all over google images as a photo of the sun and moon at the North Pole]


from the website of German astrophysics student,
Inga Nielsen
(age 20 something)

My name is Inga Nielson and I welcome you to my homepage Gate to Nowhere. Many of the images in these galleries were done with a programm called TerraGen, a scenery generator, which was developed by Matt Fairclough. You can download a freeware version of the program at Planetside or at Terradreams. Most of the images are postworked with Photoshop. Parts of the landscapes and scenes are painted with a graphics tablet and some images are painted entirely. Additionally I use Matte Painting to create the scenes that come to my mind.

Keep your back door open…


A bluebird flew into the house today through the open back door (no screen door because the door is a full glass panel and I love the view.)  Over the twenty-six years of living in this house, there have been many birds flying inside.  But, never, before today, has a Western Bluebird shown up.  I could not resist grabbing the camera right in front of me and snapping this shot.  I opened all the nearby windows (also without screens) and gently guided the bird toward open air.  No wave of farewell, it was gone in a flash of blue.

Ted Andrews, in my cover-faded worn copy of Animal-Speaks, writes the bluebirds are now rare in the United States but used to be very common.  He translates the message of the bluebird as “often a reminder that we are born to happiness and fulfillment, but we sometimes get so lost and wrapped up in everyday events of our lives that our happiness and fulfillment seem rare…”

The idea that the bluebird brings happiness is a recent human version of its message. Andrews adds, “This is a symbol of a passage, a time of movement into another level of being…transformation.”

Keeping your back door open may be a good approach to your everyday concerns, especially now.

[This is only the second siting of a bluebird for me at this foothill homeplace.  I hear of other people in Three Rivers having bluebirds nest nearby and visit.  Never have I seen one cupped in my hands on a New Moon.]

PS. A twitter post from @GlowStick Happy New Moon #twerps 🙂 In Gemini we “turn up” our curiousity, discover the possibility & let ourselves be open to new *communication*~

Wesak Full Moon: Awakening the True Self

(The Wesak Full Moon is the first full moon after the sun goes into the astrological sign of Taurus, usually in May, sometimes in April. The full moon is at 9:01 pm PST on May 8, 2009 and 12:01 am EST on May 9, 2009)

We touch the heart,

we contain the truth,

we hold the gratitude.

In this way, and only in this way,

we serve the Human Spirit.


We touch the Ultimate with each breath. We blend the outer breath as “inhale” with the inner breath as “exhale.”  It is a natural flow that contains all we need to know or be. When we are still, pausing between inhale and exhale or between exhale and inhale, we stand at the Door.

The Buddha teaches us the path to the Door; the Christ gives us the key to the Door.  We enter the Door, when fully in mind and heart, we join our will with the Will of God, the Life of God, the Light of God, and the Love of God.

At the Wesak Full Moon, the Earth is blessed with the linking of the Buddha and the Christ. It is a time for bringing forth new intuition, new rhythms, new serving–all transformed through the wisdom of the Buddha path and the “love-ye-one-another” heart of the Christ.

These two great Beings as working together in the NOW as servers for the Human Spirit.  Let us hold them in deep gratitude and welcome a Wesak Awakening in our souls.

[the above description of Wesak is found on the back of the cards in the “Awaken Wesak” series in The Other Shore collection. The collage is also found in this card series, where all the images have both Buddha and  the Christ in them.  Here is Buddha holding the baby Jesus.  I call it “Buddha and child.”

The energy of the Buddha and the Christ is not confined to those two human beings who lived it to the fullest. It is available to all of us.  It is natural to all of us. It is not owned by any religion or dogma; in fact, it has been corrupted by many of these institutions. Even the word, God, is inadequate to describe it.  As the Tao teaches, it cannot be named or spoken. I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way describes it as “…the true self, which is born with a full quotient of Cosmic Chi and naturally equipped to express its uniqueness…”

Wesak itself, has its origins in Tibet (the timing relating to the birth of Guatama Buddha) and has evolved in the West through the work of Alice Bailey and other theosophists and, the source of my first hearing of it, Ann Ree Colton via her school called Niscience. The Lucis Trust has good online publications about the Wesak Festival.]


So I moved a framed piece of cloth, a small part of a handwoven coverlet made in the 1700’s by one of my ancestors, from the place high on the kitchen wall where it has hung for at least 25 years.  Big change.