Collage is the medium I celebrate and immerse myself in, as an artist–for my work, and my life. Everything seems to want to try to synergize with something else. About twenty years ago, I started cutting images and phrases from magazines, and produced my first individual collages into small blank cards. I called the cards the “it could be art” series. Embracing the title of artist found reluctance in me, but art itself has never abandoned me, no matter what resistance I have felt for it. Art is a part of every moment, whether we can see it or not. Art is the natural expression of a human be-ing.

I love to paint mandalas, using watercolor pencils or acrylic on canvas. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle”. I have been making mandalas as a meditative art practice for over twenty-five years.

One day when I was looking for a name for my artwork collection, I opened the book, Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh, to the page that described the Sanskrit word parayana, meaning “The Other Shore” and I said yes, this is it. The Other Shore “…represents the realm of no-birth, no-death, and no suffering…We cannot talk about it, we cannot conceive it…The true teaching is that the other shore is this very shore…”

As a long time supporter, defender, and lover of the local art community, I am the founder and organizer of the Three Rivers Biennial Artists’ Studio Tour, started in 1992. The last one I organized was on March 21-22-23, 2014. Starting in 2015, the studio tour is merging with a countywide one called the South Valley Artists’ Studio Tour sponsored by the Arts Consortium.

I have lived in Three Rivers, California since 1977.  I came here often as a child in the 1950’s and later as an adult to visit my grandmother, aunt and uncle who lived here. It is home for my heart.

In 1969, I graduated from nursing school in Atlanta.  Once a nurse, always a nurse. I don’t actively work as a nurse presently, at least for an employer. As a teacher and facilitator for The Deeper Well, I offer retreats about authentic work and moving beyond burnout (with CE’s for California and Nevada nurses.) I am also available life coaching sessions for burnout processing.

Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast is the private guest cottage I have hosted since 1986, near Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  It is located 4 miles from the main entrance to the Park. I love how the cottage calendar stays open until people in need of nature, seem to find their way to this nurturing canyon home.

I have practiced craniosacral work since 1997, and also feng shui (the other side of the same energy work coin.) The two practices have brought me perspective and sensitivity and deep gratitude, profoundly changing and enriching my life.

I love to share ideas.  My friends say I talk a lot.
I was born this way, just can’t help it much.
I am now living the second half of my life-collage.

© Elsah Cort