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From just one seed…

Mandala Message: July 4, 2020 The universe speaks to us all the time with messages that can be challenging and hard merging with messages of generosity and appreciation. Two days … Continue reading

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Lift the veil…

Mandala Message: May 31, 2020 Humans are able to create devices that can connect to each other while traveling 17,000 miles an hour way above the earth’s surface. Watching it … Continue reading

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Brave New World…

Mandala Message: May 22, 2020 Happy with new moon this am…feeling a bit more movement. Movement these days has little relevance to movement a few months ago. The outer world … Continue reading

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The Hidden Side of the Moon…

Mandala Message: May 8, 2020 When we all emerge from this “lock down” timing, may we come laden with the hidden treasures of the self and disperse them generously and … Continue reading

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Stitching squares…

Mandala process: April 28, 2020 Stitching squares on a new mandala from old cloth scraps and cannibalized pieces of digital mandalas…with the morning news saying the same old (new) thing. … Continue reading

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The Cocoon Opens…

Finishing a new cloth mandala…sewing it to a linen background to go into a deep purple frame. I used pieces from a couple of fabric printed digital mandalas and fabric … Continue reading

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Egg Rise

Incubating in the cosmic egg…take your time, surrender to the eventual cracking of the shell. Emerge as your true self. (The Easter message.) [“Egg-Rise” watercolor, masa paper on canvas © … Continue reading

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Pandemic Advice

800 year old pandemic advice from Rumi… You’ve made it out of the city,* that image of your body, trembling with traffic and fear left behind. Your face arrives in … Continue reading

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Gratitude Following Each Breath

Gratitude following each breath can change everything… As we dive down deeper into this global event, today I find myself at the maximum capacity for listening to and talking about … Continue reading

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Walk Yourself Home

Mandala Message: March 29, 2020   Advice to the home-bound… You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply … Continue reading

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Fall Deep Into Your Brilliant Self

Mandala Message: March 27, 2020 As we stew in our own juices at home, here is an 800 year old message from Rumi, via Coleman Barks who titled it “Chickpea … Continue reading

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Thank God for rain today in my neighborhood. We need cleansing in multiple ways right now. I am glad the plants are being fed and the earth itself. I am … Continue reading

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Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood

Mandala Message: March 25, 2020 A new mandala swam forth from the stream…it’s not perfect or static, like a natural organism swimming from sea to shining sea. [“Crown Thy Good … Continue reading

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Drop down into your deepest self. Turn down the clamor of outside voices. Wash the dishes, sweep the floors. Make something (anything) with your hands. Sit on the ground (earth) … Continue reading

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Rise from the Ashes

My postcard collage arrived in South Carolina for the 2020 Twitter Art Exhibit. Go to #twitterartexhibit to see images of all the submissions for this wonderful annual art exhibit where … Continue reading

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Twelve New Year Mandalas for 2020…

Just finished making twelve mandalas, one a day for twelve days, as part of the New Year’s practice I have done for a long time (as taught by Ann Ree … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice 2019…

Winter Solstice (still-point) today, Dec 21, at 8:20 pm PST… I wake up early these days with ongoing pre-dawn awareness of the rotation of the earth itself. Now, as I … Continue reading

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Every Single Stitch…

At this moment, if I could ask the universe to save anything in this ongoing human—earth experiment, I would ask for a collection of every single stitch made by a … Continue reading

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I’d like to talk about love…

“Now I’d like to talk about love. Love is impossible in the absence of trust. Real trust is formed of common action. Common action is a rarity in a country … Continue reading

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Love Emerges

Governing a large country is like frying a small fish. You spoil it with too much poking. Center your country in the Tao and evil will have no power. Not … Continue reading

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Souls Gather to Fulfill the Blueprint of America

The mandala was made several years ago. I started out with some photos of children’s art I saw at a craft show. The photos ended up unrecognizable and came together … Continue reading

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Addressing the so-called “mental health” issue as a deterrent and/or solution for gun violence only works when there exists an adequate and active and widely available mental system…and when there … Continue reading

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Stitching Time

Stitching draws me in. I don’t want to stop. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more distraction than art, but I keep stitching. It may add up to something in the … Continue reading

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The Paths of Art…

The mandala reveals more about itself, as I use needle and thread to communicate with it. Art truly is a process, not a “thing”. See the yellow-ish stitches to each … Continue reading

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The Round Table

Life always comes full circle, giving us chances for continual “do-overs.” A new 2020 calendar emerges with the cover mandala lifting itself up through the piles of mandalas made over … Continue reading

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A Stitch in Time

I used to sew by hand almost fifty years ago. Here I am doing it again. I love the slowness of it. I forgive myself for being not so great … Continue reading

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A Nest of Stuff

So…..several weeks ago I started my first online class (and her last online class) with Jude Hill. She stitches and wanders around in her process and calls her students “ragmates”. … Continue reading

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Twitter Art Exhibit 2019

Excited to have a “postcard” in the 2019 Twitter Art Exhibit opening on May 11 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the first year this annual exhibit was open to digital … Continue reading

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“For me, mandalas—making them and contemplating them—is a deeply spiritual experience. I am grateful to all the mandalic threads that have been woven into my  life—coming from so many human … Continue reading

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Hosting a fun, creative workshop in March

“A Day in the Life of a Creative Soul” with Jeanette Richardson Herring A workshop, open to all, designed for creatives, artists and writers Saturday, March 9, 2019, from 9:30-4 … Continue reading

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