Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist

Hosting a fun, creative workshop in March

“A Day in the Life of a Creative Soul”
with Jeanette Richardson Herring

A workshop, open to all, designed for creatives, artists and writers
Saturday, March 9, 2019, from 9:30-4 pm in Three Rivers, CA*
Sunday, March 10 from 9:30-1 pm—an optional day to go deeper

Using meditation, writing, collaging and other art forms we will be:

  • establishing daily practices to enhance creativity
  • making space in the heart mind and soul for creativity to flourish
  • breaking up with the Inner Critic, who says you’re not enough
  • working with who-you-are to develop a broader appreciation for the inner creative, artist or writer
  • joining with others who inspire and draw the creative out of you

from the workshop leader,
“Hi I’m Jeanette, I’m offering you an opportunity to learn from my years of experience. Here’s a bit of ‘my used ta be tour’ – Director of a private art school, managed 6 galleries, shown in others, helped found the concept of using recycled materials for an arts festival in CA. Teaching art, teaching artists how to succeed, Assistant Director, curator and art instructor at an art museum. Created scripts, PSA’s and voice overs, hosted a radio show and little TV Show. I’ve been published; written a book, manuals, newsletters and in anthologies. Years flew by while working with public art, arts councils and directing one for many years. I sang and worked alongside musicians to help fund their musical talents. I’ve encouraged hundreds to fulfill their potential and coached just one at a time. I’ve worked with numerous non profits to strategically plan and helped raise millions of dollars. That’s a smattering of what I’ve done. That’s who I used ta be.

NOW. I create. I walked away from my former identity. I broke up with my inner critic. I went to art classes and workshops to rediscover who I am as a creative human. I’m offering you some of the insights I’ve gathered over the years. Most important, I’m offering you the possibility of exploring your talents and expanding your creative expression alongside other creatives.

A couple of years ago I did. I quit teaching to expand my understanding and learn. My inner critic said I didn’t deserve to devote that much time and money on myself. I made the investment, I still do. Learning never ends until life does. So, if you are willing to give yourself a day to cultivate your heart’s desires, please join us.”

Workshop fee:
$50 for March 9, $35 to add extra day on March 10
On Saturday, bring a sack lunch or lunch provided by Elsah for $10.
Coffee, tea and water will be provided.

More information and instructions for what to bring with you will be sent via email upon registration, along with specific directions to workshop location.

Registration deadline is March 2, 2019.
Limited space for workshop, so register early.

To register, email Jeanette at jeanetterich@gmail.com or call her at 661-301-9916. Payment can be sent by check and mailed to Jeanette Richardson at PO Box 5007, Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222.

Find Jeanette on facebook at facebook.com/jeanette.r.herring.

*held at the Three Rivers home-studio of artist Elsah Cort

[image from Jeanette Herring]

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