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Self-Portrait in Moss…

A facebook post… This morning as long awaited rain shows up as a lightly tapping symphony on my roof and the natural land bows its plant heads in a beautiful … Continue reading

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Marking time…

For the first time, a calendar made of mandalas shows up…. Made from twelve digital mandalas, the calendar measures 8.5 inches square. I love that I found greenerprinter.com to print … Continue reading

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There is only the dance…

I make mandalas because they ask to be made… and the summer heat just knocks me down and out. The computer takes the helm and I follow without effort. From … Continue reading

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Going to Seed….

Mandala born today…it’s name told to me “Conception: remembering the time when we were…each…just two cells old”. In our memory bank, buried deep in that wordless space, we change the … Continue reading

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New Year Mandalas

Almost every January I make one mandala a day for the first twelve days of the year. The mandalas become a prophetic and inspirational image for each the twelve months … Continue reading

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Pixel Impressions: group show at Arts Visalia from September 30 – October 30, 2015

  “Nine Patch” featuring nine dress quilt digital collages © Elsah Cort Via artvisalia.org… Arts Visalia is proud to present Pixel Impressions, an exhibition of digital art by six Central … Continue reading

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Coming back to writing here…we’ll see. Might need to do some editing. But for now, I return. “HandMade” digital collage © Elsah Cort This one was made to honor the … Continue reading

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Making digital paintings to use as a background for new mixed media collages, I find myself diving deeper into the process and it’s getting harder and harder to know when … Continue reading

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I See You

So I was reading a description of an art journaling workshop and how anyone can learn to draw but I am not sure that really pertains to me and my … Continue reading

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The Place of the Heart: new exhibition at the Ice House Theatre

My press release for my new show…. Three Rivers artist, Elsah Cort, is exhibiting twenty digital paintings in a show called “The Place for the Heart” from May 3-19 at … Continue reading

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Historical Sofa Art

The annual Sofa Art Show at Arts Visalia this year had a theme that intrigued me…..blending the obligatory sofa image with influences from art through history. I found a generic … Continue reading

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Now is the only time there is…

New work in the making for showing at the Redbud Festival on May 7 and 8. digital collage  © Elsah Cort

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In Love with a Tree..

A Sunday trek to Fresno for an art fix and some Trader Joe goodies, led me to this tree in the courtyard of the Fresno Art Museum and my camera … Continue reading

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New Work: The Hatchery Series

The Hatchery Series images were photographed during a one day art exhibition in the small Sierra Nevada foothill community of Badger, California. The show was called “Free Range” and included … Continue reading

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Finally, I am diving deeper into photoshop. I took a fun drive up Dry Creek Road yesterday for a wonderful tutorial with Badger artist, Robert Mertens. He kept saying, “I’ll … Continue reading

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Doing not much….

Studio time versus just every day living time. My studio is upstairs, I pass by it every time I come in my front door. I don’t go there every day. … Continue reading

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It’s Happening…

The last push, getting ready for the Studio Tour next week. It always seems that the art shows up in concrete form at the last minute, after being in my … Continue reading

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Mandorla Making

After twenty plus years of making contemplative mandalas, I am drawn to the intersection of circles and the overlapping form called the mandorla. Title: Alignment (at the center of the … Continue reading

January 11, 2010 · 4 Comments

Tree Bark

© Elsah Cort This is a new collage from photos taken in Crescent Meadow last week, visiting the monarch Sequoia tree that burned on my birthday in August, which now … Continue reading

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I know it is time for me to show some of my own work (on this blog.) [I can’t draw, so I cut out things from magazines and such, then … Continue reading

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reinventing the wheel…

There are artists, and then there are Artists.  The distinction seems to come from how much money someone forks over for something made by your hand or executed by others, … Continue reading

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claiming the life of an artist…

Never have I felt connected to the title “artist” or used it as a way to describe me. I have been known to make stuff. I have made an series … Continue reading

June 19, 2009 · 3 Comments

Mandate for an artist…

The story of the art, its biography or “provenance” or evolution into form, is what brings meaning to the work.  Not that art has to have a stated meaning, but … Continue reading

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