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reinventing the wheel…


There are artists, and then there are Artists.  The distinction seems to come from how much money someone forks over for something made by your hand or executed by others, directed by your conceptual mind.  Or, it just comes from your announcement to the world: I am an Artist!

Do you even have to make art to be an artist?

Artist Bruce Nauman, talking about art-making, described it this way: “I was trying to find out what art is and what artists do, and such a lot of that, for me, seemed to involve watching and waiting to see what would happen.  When I am desperate enough just to do anything, even if it seems completely stupid, it’s such a relief.  My dad once said, ‘You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day,’ but I think you do.  Maybe not every day, but pretty often.” (interview with Calvin Tomkins, The New Yorker, June 1, 2009)

Reinventing the wheel is the crux of the modern artist. Can we make art that is never-before-seen?

Does it matter? And who will notice that we have done it? What about this wheel anyway? Does it need reinventing?

My art-making is curious to me.  I can’t tell when I am actually making it.  Sometimes it only shows up in my mind.  A thought gallery that could be seen, heard, noticed (and sold) could be an invention to create. Always helps to be in The New Yorker, too.

living room wall:  my untitled mandala, hanging baubles

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