Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist


Addressing the so-called “mental health” issue as a deterrent and/or solution for gun violence only works when there exists an adequate and active and widely available mental system…and when there is a health care payment system that will pay for this care. Our present limited insurance payment system offers very little coverage for people in need of mental health care. And, an adequate number of therapists and psychiatric service centers do not exist at the present time in many areas of the USA โ€”thoughts from an ex psychiatric nurse (my first job as an RN many decades ago)

So…let’s activate universal health care and reinstate the assault weapons ban which was passed in 1994 and not renewed by Congress in 2004. Both of these would be excellent ways to address mass murder in our country.

Neither one of these steps leave out prayers. God depends on us to make our prayers active and alive. Prayer is collaborative work with the Big Guy.

“Redemption” digital collage mandala ยฉ Elsah Cort

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