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A Nest of Stuff

So…..several weeks ago I started my first online class (and her last online class) with Jude Hill. She stitches and wanders around in her process and calls her students “ragmates”. I feel nudged by her (I am not stitching lately but I will be soon having fun with fabric mandalas and thread). I am definitely wandering. I think all the time. I don’t write it down and I don’t always speak to people about it (even though I can talk a lot).

Today’s audio message from Jude included a phrase, “the nest of stuff”, that she attributed to thoughts. I live in a nest of stuff, in my house and my mind, and spend a great deal of time organizing the physical stuff but not so much the mental stuff.

I wander around beads sometimes, making earrings and mandala bracelets.

Plan: to get them for sale on my online shop (you can find them at Gathered in Three Rivers), after tagging and packaging them, photographing them and just uploading them all. Online debut date unknown, but hopefully soon.

When I find myself overwhelmed by any part of this process, I stop and sort beads.

I live a lot of my life inside parentheses.

One comment on “A Nest of Stuff

  1. Liz A
    May 5, 2019

    looking forward to traveling along with you and Jude …

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