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A Stitch in Time

I used to sew by hand almost fifty years ago. Here I am doing it again. I love the slowness of it. I forgive myself for being not so great at it and leave the mistakes in the work (unless they become too distracting.) The digital mandalas, printed on fabric, become a softer version of themselves. The new stitch-layer grounds the mandala into the cloth and makes each one its own personage.

front side of a new “mandala pouch” (AKA “glad bag”) in-the-making


close up of the small stitches in the mandala
(the blurriness of the image coincides with my present cataract vision)


finished “mandala pouches” — not sure if these will be for sale or not


close up of the stitching…used my old jeans for the background

Stitching slows down time for me and makes it unimportant, except for threading the needle, now a needed hard-core discipline.

(Maybe cataract surgery in July will bring more clarity.)

2 comments on “A Stitch in Time

  1. Liz A
    June 5, 2019

    I love the dimensionality that your stitches give to the mandala in the first two images. And wondering … could you provide more information about how you print your digital mandalas onto cloth?

    • Elsah
      June 5, 2019

      I send my images to Spoonflower in North Carolina to have them printed on cloth.

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