Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist

Winter Solstice 2019…

Winter Solstice (still-point) today, Dec 21, at 8:20 pm PST…

I wake up early these days with ongoing pre-dawn awareness of the rotation of the earth itself. Now, as I watch brilliant pink/orange clouds lighting the sky over the mountains outside my window, I am reminded again that nothing stays the same and, yet, everything remains connected to the “Creator of All Things”.

My mind envisions the spherical earth-mandala in this singular moment with all of us (so very many) breathing in and out together in the very same moment (some for the very first time and some for the very last) followed by the breath in the next very same moment. We breathe in shared molecules circumnavigating the earth. The air molecules I breathe in and out now come from the breath of peoples in another continent some hours ago. We share a cosmic breath. We share a common task.

Ah, the pink light is gone now leaving the gray blue soft cloud bank over the mountains. The lingering autumn (it’s winter now) orange-yellow leaves of the sycamore trees along the creek below light themselves before the sun’s rays can. The mountain says, “Be still as I am still. Move as I move, slowly, supporting life on me and around me and within me. Let stillness be the change you need today.”

[“Solstice” digital collage mandala © Elsah Cort]

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