Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist

Twelve New Year Mandalas for 2020…

Just finished making twelve mandalas, one a day for twelve days, as part of the New Year’s practice I have done for a long time (as taught by Ann Ree Colton, founder of Niscience). These are meditative mandalas and I will hang them one at a time during the corresponding month they were made for. I still have to create some kind of backing and hanging set-up for each one. Many of these are not completely finished, so more stitching will be done during each up-coming month. I sewed about 6 hours a day (not continually). Each one measures around 4.5 in square so they are lovely to hold in my hand. I used my old clothing for some of the cloth scraps, pieces cut out of my digital mandalas printed on fabric, dyed patches via Jude Hill‘s Threadcrumbs shop, and new batik cloth from Bali. None were planned out in advance…which comes from Ann Ree’s original teaching for how to make the mandala in this annual practice.

photo ยฉ Elsah Cort

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