Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist

The Paths of Art…

The mandala reveals more about itself, as I use needle and thread to communicate with it. Art truly is a process, not a “thing”. See the yellow-ish stitches to each side of the mandala? The thread is actually pale green, no matter, anyway, the stitches follow lines that were originally coat of paint on a propane tank that dried and cracked in the sun over untold years until the tank found itself in the front yard of Chris Sorensen’s studio in Fresno waiting to become a new form of art โ€” the paths of art leading everywhere and anywhere.

Sewing the mandala on to the apron using the blanket stitch. I think that’s what it’s called. I don’t have a BA in embroidery like the wonderful Canadian artist Judy Martin has. I discovered her this week via the wonderful serendipity trail of art on facebook. I’m reading her blog like a book, the same way I read Jude Hill’s blog a few years ago.

photo ยฉ Elsah Cort

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