Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist

Gratitude Following Each Breath

Gratitude following each breath can change everything…

As we dive down deeper into this global event, today I find myself at the maximum capacity for listening to and talking about all the COVID-19 details and information. I can hardly listen to the news shows I appreciate so much. I do want to keep track of the issues and know the mundane realities of what is happening each day. At the same time, I feel a strong urge to deepen the conversation and listen to my inner self even more.

All of us alive, and dying, on the planet right—now—bravely chose to show up in this timing. We came to experience and participate in a huge, vibrational upgrade to the human system. Old, unethical, unloving patterns that came from a more potent infection-based energy than this new virus are being cleansed and removed from the earth. No one is left out of this process. No one. The old ways don’t work anymore. We needed to be stopped in our tracks. If we continue to dig in our heels, immerse ourselves in rigid biases and holier-than-thou notions and resist the amazing opportunities for change, we still cannot avoid this vibrational shifting.

We each need to follow and honor the processes that are showing up each day within ourselves, just as they are without judgement. I trust myself to do the work and I trust each of you to do your work. Today, in my on-going conversation with the God-that-beats-my-heart I found myself whining and asking when is “this” going to be over? I heard a voice go say “go wash your hair”, something that I had been avoiding for over a week. So I sit here with wet hair and continue to breathe in and out.

I encourage you to follow the process and report on it. Let us know what you are noticing, if you can. Keep breathing. And, if you find yourself having difficulty doing that, let gratitude propel you forward. Trust your body, trust yourself, trust your spirit. Breathe in gratitude. Breathe out love.

[image © Elsah Cort…from a magazine cut-out collage made over twenty years ago]

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