Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist


Thank God for rain today in my neighborhood. We need cleansing in multiple ways right now. I am glad the plants are being fed and the earth itself. I am comforted by the sound of raindrops on the skylight over the gallery wall in my house. I had emptied that gallery wall in prep for the now cancelled studio tour. The empty wall space comforts me, too.

This collage was made seven years ago. I remember I took the original photo along the Tule River during a break from a Alta Peak Chaper CNPS board meeting held in Springville. I can still remember the river that day. I don’t remember where I got the floating spheres. I was often “borrowing” and altering images in those days. I was just beginning to learn how to use photoshop for art-making.

[“Streaming” digital collage © Elsah Cort]

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