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Ground Cover…

Another view from my recent visit to the Crescent Meadow Trail…. I think snow may be on this ground very soon. Elevation is around 6000 ft. photo from Crescent Meadow … Continue reading

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After the smoke…

The hills, so grateful for the rain clouds that they hug them close to the ground, breathe a huge sigh of relief. I watch the cloud embraces move and shift … Continue reading

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Water from the sky…

Rain, not just showers, arriving tonight in just a few hours. I hope all the plants on my property (natives already here and the odd ones that I planted that … Continue reading

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Holiday Show…

Brought new mandala giclee prints, mandala bracelets, earrings and fabric mandala ornaments into Arts Visalia today. The holiday show includes work from 37 local artists. Reception for the show happens … Continue reading

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Make Friends with Uncertainty…

The whole time I worked on this mandala, it kept going off center. I couldn’t fix it and wobbled around and around with it. Like a top spinning out of … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Spent the last two days listening to scientists and researchers presenting their work and wisdom during the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Science Symposium at St Anthony Retreat here … Continue reading

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Unwrap Your Blessings

Once again, a mandala shows up with a message for us… “Unwrap Your Blessings” digital collage mandala ยฉ Elsah Cort

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