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Studio Tour stories…

Around 27 years ago, I went on my first studio tour in Berkeley. I had not heard of open studios events before. It was so interesting to me and so … Continue reading

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The Path Illuminates Itself

Another mandala from the facebook newsfeed and the notion of “steal like an artist”, made from two photos — one of the Trinity College library in Dublin and the other … Continue reading

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To be or not to be…

David’s words describe the times we are alivin’ in: Someone I have been, and someone, I am just about to become, something I am and will be forever… Many versions … Continue reading

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Clean it up from the inside out…

Bad behavior in anyone does not excuse it in one person, especially someone who is supposed to be an honorable president. Calling anyone names just feeds the energy field that … Continue reading

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Before I sleep, a mandala tells me it’s finished. I made this from one photograph of a huge subdivision in Las Vegas taken from high above the ground then floated … Continue reading

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Seed Gestation

Today I sorted cloth mandalas, feeling overwhelmed in a peculiar way. Now, another one shows up, in the wake of the new moon tomorrow. “Seed Gestation” digital collage mandala © … Continue reading

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Potential dinner guests met me at the back door just now. Can you count seven? One has a head down in the rosemary. Nothing growing in the pots because it … Continue reading

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Make It So

A mandala breaks through on a hazy day, started several days ago, and slowly coming to a finished place. This one has me wandering around and around in it. “Make … Continue reading

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Heart seeing…

The sun comes over the mountains to remind me of the now…up for 4 hours (my body wakes up without consulting me these days), already doing laundry and tidying here … Continue reading

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Following a trail…

Looking for words to describe the stitches that follow color and shape and pattern…layers upon layers that started out as a something that was photographed, losing its way within a … Continue reading

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Walk with Me Here

Rearranging furniture in my living room today, something I used to do a lot of when I was younger. I don’t have a lot of options because I have a … Continue reading

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Look in the mirror…

One of the big challenges with this present moment is how not to become the bully when you are bullied, not to become the hater when you are hated, not … Continue reading

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Mandala-Maker, A Solo Exhibition

You are cordially invited to two artist’s receptions on Friday, Jan 6 or Feb 3, from 5-8 pm. from Elsah…. I first heard the Sanskrit word “mandala” (meaning sacred circle … Continue reading

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Marking time…

For the first time, a calendar made of mandalas shows up…. Made from twelve digital mandalas, the calendar measures 8.5 inches square. I love that I found greenerprinter.com to print … Continue reading

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There is only the dance…

I make mandalas because they ask to be made… and the summer heat just knocks me down and out. The computer takes the helm and I follow without effort. From … Continue reading

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Going to Seed….

Mandala born today…it’s name told to me “Conception: remembering the time when we were…each…just two cells old”. In our memory bank, buried deep in that wordless space, we change the … Continue reading

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New Year Mandalas

Almost every January I make one mandala a day for the first twelve days of the year. The mandalas become a prophetic and inspirational image for each the twelve months … Continue reading

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Le très Petit Noël returns in December

Some people may remember the Le Petit Noël holiday show I used to organize in Three Rivers…the last one was 20 years ago! On the first weekend in December, I … Continue reading

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Here I Am…

The air is cooler…I feel relieved. The dried up earth all around the house is still painful to see. No amount of watering seems to make a difference (and I … Continue reading

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Pixel Impressions: group show at Arts Visalia from September 30 – October 30, 2015

  “Nine Patch” featuring nine dress quilt digital collages © Elsah Cort Via artvisalia.org… Arts Visalia is proud to present Pixel Impressions, an exhibition of digital art by six Central … Continue reading

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A Bird in Hand

Birds fly in my house from time to time because I leave the back door open a lot. After weeks of watching the canyon wrens feeding their screaming (in bird … Continue reading

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Dyeing Frida

“Dyeing Frida” digital quilt collage ©Elsah Cort ____________________________________________________________________ Had a notion to make a quilt collage (after several days of immersion here) and started with these three photos…     … Continue reading

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Coming back to writing here…we’ll see. Might need to do some editing. But for now, I return. “HandMade” digital collage © Elsah Cort This one was made to honor the … Continue reading

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Making digital paintings to use as a background for new mixed media collages, I find myself diving deeper into the process and it’s getting harder and harder to know when … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Digital Painting

“Handscape” digital painting © Elsah Cort The first image to emerge from this process…two more followed. “I See The Light” digital painting © Elsah Cort The second image to emerge … Continue reading

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I See You

So I was reading a description of an art journaling workshop and how anyone can learn to draw but I am not sure that really pertains to me and my … Continue reading

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The sun’s morning rays filtering over the hill tops reminds us we are always in motion. The earth turns on its axis as we go with it always. “Early Morning” … Continue reading

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The Place of the Heart: new exhibition at the Ice House Theatre

My press release for my new show…. Three Rivers artist, Elsah Cort, is exhibiting twenty digital paintings in a show called “The Place for the Heart” from May 3-19 at … Continue reading

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The Artist and the Internet

On March 30, 2013, you can learn some tips to help you traverse the fast-paced, ever-changing and not-to-be-missed opportunity of making an artist presence for yourself on the internet. I … Continue reading

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Historical Sofa Art

The annual Sofa Art Show at Arts Visalia this year had a theme that intrigued me…..blending the obligatory sofa image with influences from art through history. I found a generic … Continue reading

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