Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist

Studio Tour stories…

Around 27 years ago, I went on my first studio tour in Berkeley. I had not heard of open studios events before. It was so interesting to me and so much fun, I came back home to Three Rivers and began to figure out how we could do it here. Eleven Three Rivers studio tours later (held every other year), I knew first-hand, both from the organizing perspective and sharing my space and work as an artist, what an amazing and magical time could be had at a studio tour.

Four years ago, I encouraged the Arts Consortium to consider creating a county-wide tour. I wanted the artists throughout the county to share in the magic that Three Rivers has experienced in its two decades of open their studios. The county-wide tour is still in its early days. It takes hard work, time and persistence to bring forth these diverse and complex events. The South Valley Art Tour, happening on March 30-31 in 2019 hopes to bring in more artists and visitors to continue its support for local arts.

This photograph is from Daniel Bonilla Vera, who will be an artist featured in the 2019 South Valley Art Tour.

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This entry was posted on September 12, 2018 by in Studio Tours.