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From just one seed…

Mandala Message: July 4, 2020

The universe speaks to us all the time with messages that can be challenging and hard merging with messages of generosity and appreciation. Two days ago, I had a huge, unexpected challenge with a water heater on the fritz and guests due to arrive in my cottage in a couple of hours. It could not be fixed that day (thermo-coupler was changed but another part was needed.) The pressure was on and it was so hot that day for me. The guests arrived and were OK (I did not have to find them another place to stay) with one of them using my guest shower just inside my front door the next morning. She came in with a mask on and now that bathroom is closed to me for a while. He took a cold shower in the cottage (a real man!) I gave them a $90 refund on their reservation for the inconvenience.

Just now, they called to say they were leaving. I have guests open windows and I wait several hours to enter the cottage and new guests don’t come in until tomorrow. They decided to buy this framed mandala hanging on the wall over the bed. I’ve made the cottage bedroom into a mini gallery with my mandalas, priced in frames. So, $65 of the $90 has come back to me. And, art gifts itself.

Gratitude always comes back as the best direction to take, especially when life seems to be upside-down.

[“From Just One Seed” digital collage mandala © Elsah Cort]

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