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More ABC’s

found objects
from artist, Gordon Smith via Bauldoff
(Makes me wonder what a Chinese found object alphabet would look like.)

More ABC’s

from Google Earth taken over the Netherlands
via boingboing


I love words.  Mostly English ones for now, since it is the language I speak. I love letters, typefaces, that is, also known as fonts in our computerized cosmos. If someone on twitter tweets with links to anything with the word “typography” in it, I have to immediately check it out.  I enjoyed watching the movie, Helvetica, named after the most popular typeface of all times (so far.)

I used to do a lot of writing, printing very neatly in a kind-of cursive combo, with my own hand (nurses had to write a lot of nurses notes.) I have also been known to cut out words and phrases from magazines and newspapers and later add them to small collage statements (that don’t always make sense.)  Lately, it has mostly been a tap dance with fingers on a keyboard (so glad now, but not then, that I was forced to take a typing class in the 60’s in high school because girls had to grow up to be secretaries in those days (or nurses)) with the laptop for summer blog reveries. I still have not really figured out how to use the font management software I paid extra for so I could have thousands of alphabets at my command.

Now I come across this Alphabet made by a photographer from France, Bela Borsodi, first seen on blog called HELLO BAULDOFF (via twitter and all that jazz.)  Looking forward to the book to be printed in this typeface.