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Life Layers Itself

Thinking about the intense harvest full moon experience of yesterday…leads me to leap out of the box (or as Deepak Chopra says, “…throw away the box…”) for how I present my art and help others share the process of their art-making…so I did some research about the full moon that happened last night at 8:19 pm…I always know that something macro is happening with our every day events, opportunities to delve deeper and embrace transformation.

“Excitement and anticipation is always associated with change, as it is an adventure into the unknown, as we wait patiently, watching and expecting the unexpected results. The emphasis here is faith, trust, hope, loyalty, invisible sustainment and the conviction that our goals are achievable through our passion and determination of will. Our greatest assets at the moment is the refusal to give up hope when all seems hopeless and our ability to change course or improvise, if need be. It is warning us from hanging on to what worked in the past and to release the negative thoughts which is holding us back from our own progress. This Full Moon is reminding us that we are moving into the abyss of no return, but onward to new adventures and potentials that are beyond our wildest dreams.” quote source

beeswax collage ©Elsah Cort
(made in the summer Arts Alliance workshop with Amber George)