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Accidental landscape

How many computers does a real artist need?  At least more than one.

the not-far-fall of July 5

the not-far-fall of July 5

[……visit the forest for another view……]

Write a new chapter in the story of stuff…

A notion about recycling stuff…change it into art.

Don’t put it in the recycling bin or the trash can.  Hang it on the wall or wear it or sit on it or grow a plant in it or send it as a handcrafted greeting card or make it into a book cover or hang your earings on it or hang it on your ears or frame a photograph with it or hang it on your Christmas tree or put it on your birthday cake or teach your children with it or trade with someone else for a their stuff as new art media or just make it useful in itself once again.

Transform the consumer/consume/discard economy, which is already crashing as I write, to an art-based economy.

Here is a something you can watch: the story of stuff


Become a master collage artist using the stuff of this life.