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“For me, mandalas—making them and contemplating them—is a deeply spiritual experience. I am grateful to all the mandalic threads that have been woven into my  life—coming from so many human … Continue reading

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Following a trail…

Looking for words to describe the stitches that follow color and shape and pattern…layers upon layers that started out as a something that was photographed, losing its way within a … Continue reading

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Making digital paintings to use as a background for new mixed media collages, I find myself diving deeper into the process and it’s getting harder and harder to know when … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Digital Painting

“Handscape” digital painting © Elsah Cort The first image to emerge from this process…two more followed. “I See The Light” digital painting © Elsah Cort The second image to emerge … Continue reading

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The sun’s morning rays filtering over the hill tops reminds us we are always in motion. The earth turns on its axis as we go with it always. “Early Morning” … Continue reading

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Life Layers Itself

Thinking about the intense harvest full moon experience of yesterday…leads me to leap out of the box (or as Deepak Chopra says, “…throw away the box…”) for how I present … Continue reading

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Doing not much….

Studio time versus just every day living time. My studio is upstairs, I pass by it every time I come in my front door. I don’t go there every day. … Continue reading

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