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Kinetic Photography: something new to try?

Here is where I first came across the notion of kinetic photography, also known as camera tossing.  This is very intriguing to me.  Not sure if I have the guts to try it yet. May just try shaking, bouncing, moving the camera without the toss.  Could call it camera-dancing!

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photo sources, left to right El Ray, Matt Gorecki, Quinet

Read a blog totally dedicated to camera tossing by Ryan Gallagher.

How to do it from his instruction page where to see more details: “My best tip is to start indoors, although there are many opportunities for great tosses outdoors, indoor tossing enables you to create a safer more controlled environment in which you can start to experiment. Find a simple light source such as a lamp or TV, about 5ft away from this place cushions (or anything else soft) on the on the floor then kneel down, holding the camera just above them. Toss the camera about a foot into the air and press the shutter as late as you can before letting go, being careful to toss the camera straight up. Then let the camera do all the work while you concentrate on the catch!”