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Accidental landscape

How many computers does a real artist need?  At least more than one.

the not-far-fall of July 5

the not-far-fall of July 5

[……visit the forest for another view……]

So much depends…

So much depends on the arrival of a new scanner to replace the one the came several weeks ago which scanned with such poor quality that I had to research how to to return items to amazon for the first time in all these years of being unable to resist buying things over the internet especially after a pleasant call to someone who works at amazon who told me I had just a few days to return the old-but-new-to-me scanner by July 6 with the free return UPS mailing label they gave me to print on my printer and tape to the original scanner box which thankfully I saved and could carry quite easily to the UPS store in Visalia requiring the obligatory forty-five minute drive to do other errands besides the UPS store feeling so sorry that our local UPS source was closing after being known at Sequoia Gifts and Souvenirs while apparantly not being able to sustain a profit adequate enough in these so-called “tough economic times” to stay open also long enough for me to bring in some new cards I will be making as a local Three Rivers artist using the second new scanner that is coming again from amazon just because they do make it so easy to buy from them along with mostly cheaper prices than anywhere else and listening to or rather reading the comments about the epson scanner I have now ordered and will apparantly arrive on Tuesday that is supposed to be good if you don’t use the epson software but the ICE software to scan negatives albeit slowly so they say but I don’t really care about time these days as I gave up counting time while still releasing old patterns of daily panic thoughts about what I am supposed to be doing with my life and how I appear to others which is the biggest waste of time my mind often flounders in as something I have seen as a leo curse and constant distraction since not one of us has an unfiltered view of each other so we are often not knowing each other in ways that we could especially for the artists in us who are supposed to see the heart of things as society often likes to tell us we can do even though our views that become actual objects of art don’t always make the grade at the least the grade we like to put on ourselves as we are the ones who can’t see our real selves the most and it really depends on how and if we do this truth telling so we’d all be much better off as we grow up adding touches of kindness and a few dashes of fun loving spirit along with some more-often-than-we-do-it-now washing of desparately dirty windows necessary to all aspects of daily living so we could totally ecstatically enjoy this being human…..

Write a new chapter in the story of stuff…

A notion about recycling stuff…change it into art.

Don’t put it in the recycling bin or the trash can.  Hang it on the wall or wear it or sit on it or grow a plant in it or send it as a handcrafted greeting card or make it into a book cover or hang your earings on it or hang it on your ears or frame a photograph with it or hang it on your Christmas tree or put it on your birthday cake or teach your children with it or trade with someone else for a their stuff as new art media or just make it useful in itself once again.

Transform the consumer/consume/discard economy, which is already crashing as I write, to an art-based economy.

Here is a something you can watch: the story of stuff


Become a master collage artist using the stuff of this life.