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Winter Remembering…

We humans carry stories in our bones, born from deep connections to the natural world, a real one not separate from our daily earth lives or facebook news feeds.These stories … Continue reading

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Be Still and Know…

Just finished this special artwork for the #twitterartexhibit happening next spring in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the first year (in ten years) that they will accept digital art as a … Continue reading

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The Dark Fortnight

This was the last of twelve mandalas made on the first twelve days of 2018. Soon it will be time to do it again in January 2019. I learned this … Continue reading

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Self-Portrait in Moss…

A facebook post… This morning as long awaited rain shows up as a lightly tapping symphony on my roof and the natural land bows its plant heads in a beautiful … Continue reading

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Ground Cover…

Another view from my recent visit to the Crescent Meadow Trail…. I think snow may be on this ground very soon. Elevation is around 6000 ft. photo from Crescent Meadow … Continue reading

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After the smoke…

The hills, so grateful for the rain clouds that they hug them close to the ground, breathe a huge sigh of relief. I watch the cloud embraces move and shift … Continue reading

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Water from the sky…

Rain, not just showers, arriving tonight in just a few hours. I hope all the plants on my property (natives already here and the odd ones that I planted that … Continue reading

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Holiday Show…

Brought new mandala giclee prints, mandala bracelets, earrings and fabric mandala ornaments into Arts Visalia today. The holiday show includes work from 37 local artists. Reception for the show happens … Continue reading

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Make Friends with Uncertainty…

The whole time I worked on this mandala, it kept going off center. I couldn’t fix it and wobbled around and around with it. Like a top spinning out of … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Spent the last two days listening to scientists and researchers presenting their work and wisdom during the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Science Symposium at St Anthony Retreat here … Continue reading

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Unwrap Your Blessings

Once again, a mandala shows up with a message for us… “Unwrap Your Blessings” digital collage mandala © Elsah Cort

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No Rain

Earth and fire and (no) rain (yet)…the fires show up (for me) as a gray haze lingering over the mountain vistas outside my windows. Our smoke here mostly comes from … Continue reading

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Pelted with Beauty

As this mandala kept layering back and forth, going from light to dark and back again, it finally illuminated itself for me tonight. A face showed itself, hiding behind a … Continue reading

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Opening the Akashic Records

I know the akashic records reveal all of the soul’s lives…every moment, thought, feeling and more. Another view from theosophy says they are “a compendium of all human events, thoughts, … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Reincarnation

A message today in my weekly email from Rob Brezsny: “One of my heroes, radical historian Howard Zinn, said that pessimism tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we relentlessly … Continue reading

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The Birth of Earth

The earth preceded us in birth. We owe her our lives. “The Birth of Earth” digital collage mandala © Elsah Cort

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Find my work at Gathered in Three Rivers…a new art hub for Three Rivers, curated by Dayna Higgins that features many local artists and creatives! Tomorrow’s 10th anniversary of 1st … Continue reading

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Glad Bags

I am bringing mandala cards (small giclée prints) to Gathered in Three Rivers today. And, I am sewing (embroidery and boro stitching) fabric mandalas on to old jean fabric to … Continue reading

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Meeting Place

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk … Continue reading

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Walk Yourself Home

Mandalas nudge me when I see photos on facebook quite often. This one originated from one photo of three human beings who lived on this earth many years ago. I … Continue reading

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The Mountain Echo…

A new mandala, layering and layering itself over many days, originating from a “borrowed” mountain by Georgia O’Keeffe…. I’ve been walking in circles on a New Mexico mesa, singing “Ring … Continue reading

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Studio Tour stories…

Around 27 years ago, I went on my first studio tour in Berkeley. I had not heard of open studios events before. It was so interesting to me and so … Continue reading

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The Path Illuminates Itself

Another mandala from the facebook newsfeed and the notion of “steal like an artist”, made from two photos — one of the Trinity College library in Dublin and the other … Continue reading

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To be or not to be…

David’s words describe the times we are alivin’ in: Someone I have been, and someone, I am just about to become, something I am and will be forever… Many versions … Continue reading

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Clean it up from the inside out…

Bad behavior in anyone does not excuse it in one person, especially someone who is supposed to be an honorable president. Calling anyone names just feeds the energy field that … Continue reading

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Before I sleep, a mandala tells me it’s finished. I made this from one photograph of a huge subdivision in Las Vegas taken from high above the ground then floated … Continue reading

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Seed Gestation

Today I sorted cloth mandalas, feeling overwhelmed in a peculiar way. Now, another one shows up, in the wake of the new moon tomorrow. “Seed Gestation” digital collage mandala © … Continue reading

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Potential dinner guests met me at the back door just now. Can you count seven? One has a head down in the rosemary. Nothing growing in the pots because it … Continue reading

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Make It So

A mandala breaks through on a hazy day, started several days ago, and slowly coming to a finished place. This one has me wandering around and around in it. “Make … Continue reading

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Heart seeing…

The sun comes over the mountains to remind me of the now…up for 4 hours (my body wakes up without consulting me these days), already doing laundry and tidying here … Continue reading

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