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New Work: The Hatchery Series

The Hatchery Series images were photographed during a one day art exhibition in the small Sierra Nevada foothill community of Badger, California. The show was called “Free Range” and included a wide range of art, some installation work as well as monoprints, paintings, collage, photography and video. The building was actually a series of several large Butler buildings joined together. It was originally built by the group called Synanon which lived on the property many years ago. The huge structure had been used briefly as a charter school, then abandoned to the cows and ghosts.

It has been re-invented as The Hatchery.

The Hatchery artists pulled up some of old carpeting, tidied it up but not too much, and used some of the found materials and walls to create new art. I was literally mesmerized by the space, and my camera lens attached itself to scene after scene. I could not stop making photographs as I meandered through the immense “rooms”.

This one day experience came about with some elbow grease, an organic vision via a handful of gifted artists (some local, some from the Bay Area) and showed how creative expression does not have to be a big production. I look forward to the next hatching from this group (they call themselves the Shadequarter Artists Initiative) and another breakthrough look-see.

Images © Elsah Cort

Breaking open the shell…

The one day art exhibit yesterday at The Hatchery in Badger was superb. The entire show was like one big installation piece….The strangeness of the space with abstract ethereal etching (not made by human hands) on the old window panes, the cut copper shadowed wall, a tiny rosy-lit room with a pallet bed made of insulation tucked down into a cow-dung carpet, a video hair cut in progress, a spoken word recording with intermittent rattlesnake rattling, painters and easels scattered outside aiming for hill and tree, the impressive marshmallow-roasting fireplace, and soft-spoken talking of past and present, nowhere and here and there and the art itself–human made, almost becoming secondary to the space itself, yet the reason for the day. I am glad I drove up the golden grass-draped hills of Dry Creek Road with friends, so very glad.

photograph “mind over matter” ©Elsah Cort


Just made ten twelve new square images for the hatchery card series, all from photographs made yesterday in that surreal space. The cards will debut at the Kaweah Land and Arts Festival next Saturday.


Some of the artists showing yesterday at The Hatchery were:

Robert Mertens

Jane Ziegler

Matthew Rangel

James Stark

Anne M. Klint

Matthew Hopson-Walker