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In Love with a Tree..

A Sunday trek to Fresno for an art fix and some Trader Joe goodies, led me to this tree in the courtyard of the Fresno Art Museum and my camera … Continue reading

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New Work: The Hatchery Series

The Hatchery Series images were photographed during a one day art exhibition in the small Sierra Nevada foothill community of Badger, California. The show was called “Free Range” and included … Continue reading

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Redbud Garden Club is 60 years old…

Just finished making the little “yearbook” for our local garden club. Here is the cover…it’s 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches. The yearbook lists members, meeting dates and programs, resources. [There … Continue reading

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Doing not much….

Studio time versus just every day living time. My studio is upstairs, I pass by it every time I come in my front door. I don’t go there every day. … Continue reading

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“Art is Human”

Quotes from Linchpin by Seth Godin “Most artists can’t draw…but all artists can see.” “Art is about intent and communication, not substances.” “An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, … Continue reading

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In the Studio…

Just now as I was adding new lighting to the studio for the Studio Tour next weekend, a peace came over me. Making a space for creation is the essence … Continue reading

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Tree Bark

Β© Elsah Cort This is a new collage from photos taken in Crescent Meadow last week, visiting the monarch Sequoia tree that burned on my birthday in August, which now … Continue reading

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Accidental landscape

How many computers does a real artist need?Β  At least more than one. [……visit the forest for another view……]

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So much depends…

So much depends on the arrival of a new scanner to replace the one the came several weeks ago which scanned with such poor quality that I had to research … Continue reading

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claiming the life of an artist…

Never have I felt connected to the title “artist” or used it as a way to describe me. I have been known to make stuff. I have made an series … Continue reading

June 19, 2009 · 3 Comments

Keep your back door open…

A bluebird flew into the house today through the open back door (no screen door because the door is a full glass panel and I love the view.)Β  Over the … Continue reading

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Mandate for an artist…

The story of the art, its biography or “provenance” or evolution into form, is what brings meaning to the work.Β  Not that art has to have a stated meaning, but … Continue reading

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Wesak Full Moon: Awakening the True Self

(The Wesak Full Moon is the first full moon after the sun goes into the astrological sign of Taurus, usually in May, sometimes in April. The full moon is at … Continue reading

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I give up. What’s next? My grandfather, an earlybird pilot, Walter E. Lees, brought this buddha back from China in the 1940’s. I never got to talk to him about … Continue reading

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So I moved a framed piece of cloth, a small part of a handwoven coverlet made in the 1700’s by one of my ancestors, from the place high on the … Continue reading

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View from the clothes pins

Looking up the Kaweah River Canyon (deeper than the Grand Canyon ) toward Sequoia National Park with Ash Mountain looking sharp and rocky in the late afternoon on a Wednesday.Β  … Continue reading

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Can I see the forest for the trees?

Another blog…..another blog….another blog….another blog…..another blog….another blog….another blog

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