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Energy Work

Elsah Cort, a registered nurse since 1969, has practiced both craniosacral therapy and feng shui consulting since 1997. She describes these two energy work practices as two sides of the same coin. Craniosacral therapy works with the inner aspects and feng shui with the outer aspects of our being and lives. The 13th century poet, Rumi, tells us to “work as much in the invisible world as you do in the visible.” Both craniosacral therapy and feng shui interface with the invisible world and can offer profound manifestations in the visible world.

(image by Sulamith Wulfing)


Craniosacral Work Sessions

Biodynamic Craniosacral Work session for one hour–$65
The cranial session is like a relaxing massage from the inside out, using light touch and sensitive focus on cranial wave movement and deep stillpoints. It is not limited to working with the cranial bones, but rather the whole body, including the sacrum, heart, and limbs, as directed by the cranial wave itself. This work transcends the physical layers into the depth and wisdom of emotion and spirit, expanding consciousness, promoting relaxation, and inviting health. Physical symptoms are not treated per se. This work is subtle, deep and very still. Please wear comfortable clothing and no perfume or cologne.

About Craniosacral Work
Milne Institute: visionary craniosacral work
Dynamic Stillness: biodynamic craniosacral work

Calle 559-561-4671 for information about making an appointment.


Personal Feng Shui Consultations

For your residential home or your business

When you request your personal Feng Shui consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete before your initial site visit. (A $100 deposit will made at this time.)

We will set up a time for the on-site visit. I will arrive at your home or business at the designated time. I will ask you to leave for an hour or so while I make an initial assessment of your space. When you return the consultation will enter our collaborative phase. I will guide you with making a plan for introducing Feng Shui principles to your space. Together we will come up with changes you can implement using a creative and sound Feng Shui approach. ($100 of the remainder of the fee will be paid at this time.)

One month later, we set another appointment for a follow-up visit. We will review all the changes you have made, and assess further “tweaking” of your individual consultation plan in your on-going Feng Shui adventure. ($100 of the remainder of the fee will be paid at this time.)

Total fee for consultation is $300.  
MC, VISA or Discover cards accepted. 
Consultation fee is for sites found within a 50 mile radius of the my home. Consultations can be arranged anywhere in the US with an additional fee for travel expenses.

More information about feng shui workshops.

Contact by email or phone 559-561-4671.