Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist

Feng Shui as a Creative Path

An ArtMake Workshop….

April 16-17, 2016
from 10 – 4 pm each day

Instructor: Elsah Cort

Held in Three Rivers, California.
Class size is limited to 4-8 persons.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice and was present in a myriad of expressions in all indigenous cultures. In recent years it has bloomed in the western world where it has become organic and fluidic, re-creating itself. The beauty of its connection to nature and organic process makes it a wonderful canvas for the artist. Feng Shui principles have great practicality and depth for applying to all aspects of an artist’s life and work.

In this two day workshop, you will learn the basics of the feng shui bagua* format, using a hand-drawn floor plan of your living space. During the first day, we will dive into the basic of feng shui. On the second day, we will bring feng shui into our art-making spaces and into art itself, creating our own personal bagua using collage as our medium.

This workshop is geared for artists, but is open to all persons exploring a creative life.

  • learn basic feng shui principles for integrating with art-making
  • integrate inner and outer spaces as harmony
  • create with energy and freedom
  • refine your reputation and illuminate you as you are
  • enrich your knowledge of self, world, and spirit
  • discover the true meaning of wealth and prosperity
  • enhance or invite relationship into your life
  • re-invent your career and unite with your true work
  • enrich your knowledge of self, world, and spirit
  • support your innate health and vitality
  • find gratitude for mentors and spirit helpers
  • learn how to clean house, remove clutter creatively
  • emerge as your own and best feng shui consultant

mandala © Elsah Cort

[“Transenergize” digital collage © Elsah Cort]

Registration fee is $165, early-bird rate is $150 (before March 25).
Personal checks, MC, VISA and Discover accepted.
Call 559-561-4671 to register.

Registration fee includes an extensive hand out with feng shui materials. Collage making supplies will be provided for making the personal bagua. Participants are encouraged to bring photos, magazine images, colored tissue or specialty papers, other personal collage items and favorite art mediums.

Lunch will be provided each day.
Directions to studio will be given with registration.

To qualify for early-bird rates please register,
by March 25 for workshop on April 16 and 17.
A refund, minus $50, is given for cancellation two weeks prior to workshop.

All workshops can be scheduled for specific dates on all days of the week, if you have a minimum of four persons registered. Consider scheduling a private workshop as a way to gather with friends for creative fun or to celebrate personal special events.

Workshops are open to everyone…not “just” artists.
Fun is the prime directive.

© Elsah Cort

*The eight sided pattern, called the bagua, is what I use to practice feng shui in my home. It actually has nine sections if you count the center. It is depicted traditionally as an octagon with pie shaped sections. But you can also depict it as a rectangle with nine equal spaced squares, three on all sides.

You line up the bagua on the floor plan of your home, with the bottom of the pattern aligned with the wall that contains your front door. If your door is in the center of the wall, you will enter your home via the career section of the bagua. If it is one the left of the wall, you are in the knowledge or contemplation area. On the right, and you enter through helpful people. Then you see what parts of your house are found in each section of the bagua, and the fun begins when you intuitively rearrange each section, moving things attentive to the specific realms.