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Handmade Paper-Making Workshop

Scheduled for a minimum of four….

Taught by artist, Elsah Cort

This workshop will introduce you to making paper, using various materials including recycled paper, dried plant materials, flower petals, and scraps of this and that. We will learn about the process of simple paper-making, producing paper that can be used for other art projects such as collage, or simply as an artwork in itself. We will make our own moulds and deckles, the screened frames used to make paper. Using blenders, we will make our paper batches and learn how to include color and other materials to add texture and interest. It’s a slightly messy process, so wear comfortable work clothes. Bring a sack lunch. We will work inside and outside, enjoying the natural panorama of the Sierra Nevada foothills and meadows.

Registration fee is $75.
Personal checks, MC, VISA and Discover accepted.
Call 559-561-4671 to register.

Fee includes all papermaking materials—frames and screening for making mould and deckle, vat tray, sponge, paper scraps and flower petals. Blender will be provided for use by everyone. You can also bring your own flowers petals, paper scraps and other inclusion materials. A list will be provided upon registration.

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Web Presence…… for beginners
“from the artist’s hand to the world’s eye”


Workshop is designed for artists,
but open to anyone.

If your arts organization (or any other group) would like to sponsor a workshop in your location, please contact me.  The requirements for the location is the availability of wireless internet and a projector screen or wall, (or better still have at least 3 laptops on hand) and a 6 person minimum, $85 per person. Or, you can schedule the workshop for 6 persons minimum, to be held at my home in Three Rivers


For those of us who are hands-on creative persons, showcasing ourselves on the world wide web via the internet can be very daunting.  This virtual world seems to move at super sonic speed far from the human pace of making art.  Often we give up before we even start.

This class is based on this tenet:  
Start just where you are.
Take one step at a time.
Start is the keyword here.

The professional artist is represented by their actual artwork, and also by what is said and read about their work on the world wide web.  The wise and savvy artist needs to be in control of his or her own “brand” or name as it shows up in the virtual world.  It’s like adding your name in the phone book, with a well-placed, complete, accurate ad in the yellow pages—
a great presentation that you write, design and supervise yourself.

Do you want others telling the world about your work as an artist, 
or do you want your story told using your own creative voice?

  • learn a simple web glossary
  • learn how to register a domain name
  • finally get some simple tips about search engines
  • create a free blog as website
  • learn basic blogging techniques
  • learn to recognize clean website design
  • discover ways to sell your work online without hassles
  • explore social media as a way to enhance your blog
  • develop your personal artist’s web presence
  • connect with other artists and see what’s cooking out there
  • be inspired by the web art community
  • acquire web competency without fear
  • create locally and exhibit globally

Bring any business cards, brochures, or any printed press material about you or your work. Also bring pen and paper, wireless laptop (if you have access to one) and bring a sack lunch.   We will be sharing ideas during lunch.

Instructor: Elsah Cort collage artist, web enthusiast, blogger
 Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour organizer
For more information call  559-561-4671.

Image: Butterfly Man, mixed media collage 11X14 in  ©1998 Elsah Cort

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Feng Shui as a creative medium
for Marjorie Brandon’s monthly Sunday Salon

November 8, 2009 at 5 pm

3110 Border Links Road, Visalia, CA  559-733-0829

The visible reflects the invisible.
The invisible is what we feel, sense, intuit and actually know.

Feng Shui is a practice that evolves as the practitioner evolves.
The best Feng Shui practitioner is yourself.

This sharing is about the creative way Feng Shui works
and how you can practice the art in your daily life.

See www.fengshuifun.com for more information
about having a beginner’s Feng Shui workshop in your own home.

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