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This is art…from Sulamith Wulfing

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Sulamith Wulfing is the creator of these artworks.  She lived in Germany from 1901 to 1989.  She started painting at age 4 and died at age 88.

I discovered her work in the mid 1970’s at a book shop on Colorado Boulevard in Glendale.  I still have all the postcards and greeting cards I found so many years ago.  At that time, I could not find out anything about her, did not even know if she was a she. Then my good friend found the now out-of-print book, The Fantastic Art of Sulamith Wulfing edited by David Larkin (I see it is going for $160 on amazon) and part of the mystery of Sulamith was revealed to me.  She said she saw these beautiful angels and fairies when she was a child and often drew from memory.  She spent her early childhood only in the presence of her Theosophist parents and did not play with other children, but alone for hours in the magical forests of Germany.

A few years after finding the original images, I moved to Three Rivers and met my dear friends, photographer, Gene Gray, and his wife, Marion, who upon seeing a few of my Sulamith cards, opened a drawer and out came her cherished collection of many of the same images.

Marion and Gene and Sulamith are all gone now, but the images of Sulamith Wulfing are all over the internet, on cards and posters and little books, and I still have some of Gene’s photographs (wish I had more.)

Who will be seeing and savoring our work in the years to come?
Don’t forget your work is not really your own, and it may have a life much longer than you.

Share it generously and fully.

more about Sulamith…

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