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The tried and true…

May 21, 2009

To the Editor of Newsweek, Jon Meacham

Dear Mr. Meacham,

Watching my pennies these days (which is not the emphasis of this letter) I have been thinking I would miss my Newsweek if I did not renew my subscription.
Now seeing my last May 25 issue,  Newsweekcover I can comfortably release the desire for a subscription because the magazine I thought I would miss is already gone. Poof!

This negative response to the new format is not just because I am too accustomed to the now old format.  It is not because I am resistant to change.  It is because this new one feels fake, full of pretense and is a jumble of typefaces (maybe it is just the enlarged red words in some of titles. No, it is also the content page that is unreadable, even with my reading glasses.)

Sometimes the tried and true is the tried and true.

This new form is over designed and something is just not right with it.  I don’t think it will save your magazine in print.

I find your website much easier to read than this new magazine, so I will still read some of your offerings, but I won’t be paying for a subscription renewal.

Thank you for the past years of enjoyable and thought-provoking reading in print.

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