Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist

Mandala as Living Organism


A microscopic photograph of a marine diatom alga
Actinoptychus heliopelta

made by Dr. Stephen Nagy of Helena, Montana

“Diatoms are microscopic, unicellular organisms that occur abundantly in marine and freshwater plankton. They form a major part of the food chain. The body is composed of two halves, which fit together like a tiny pill box. The cell walls contain silica, which is preserved in deposits known as siliceous or diatomaceous earths (ooze). Once hardened into rock it is called diatomite. The high porosity of this rock enables it to be used for filters, fillers and as a mild abrasive.” source

from the Encyclopedia of Life


Read more about these living mandalas.

Thank you to @lilalabs and @bcultral who tweeted this morning about these images: Microscope Photography http://ff.im/-7dzgo
(very strange and beautiful images)

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