Elsah Cort ๐ŸŒ€ Artist

Saturday afternoon grazing…

Visiting some of my favorite blogs….resting and keeping cool……waiting for summer to be truly over……and for rain to soak the earth again….(talked with bed and breakfast guests from New York the other day and we were contemplating the practicality of building an aqueduct from east to west to carry all the rain water they don’t want to my back yard)…reading more blogs like but does it float? and Hello Bauldoff and the design blog where I failed the cheese/typography test wishing I could eat the cheese and see the typefaces…all this while the cat, Milly, licks my leg for a brisk cat tongue massage (sorry to get so personal, but it is part of now)…while Sleepless in Seattle, on TV for the 1027th time, provides a background soundtrack and keeps referring to magic and tierra misou which I don’t think I can spell, but also would like to eat, even though I’d rather have chocolate…telling myself that my break is almost over and I need to get back to sorting and sifting the studio stuff all fluffed up with the new floor going in……
and finally, here’s this:


folded paper typface by Daniell Spint via Hello Bauldoff


**tweeting this stuff @Cort_art
while the TV sings to me “give me a wink and a smile.”

and a break isn’t a break without a visit to @badbanana

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