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Paul Buxman: painter and farmer from Dinuba

At the Kaweah Land and Arts Festival, Paul talked gently and reverently about his work and life.  He told us to live our life and then paint it, so that the art-making really becomes secondary to the actual living itself.  Many artists “live” for their art, instead letting the art emerge from the simple living of the life.  I loved having the wafts of oil paint scent come across the air at Kaweah Oaks Preserve as Paul painted on Saturday.

When you meet Paul one of these days, ask him to tell you about lazy susan on his kitchen table.




About Paul, from his website:

Farmer and Artist Paul Buxman has been farming and painting the San Joaquin Valley for over 40 years. His dedication to discovering sustainable farming methods have influenced people world wide. He has been the subject of many documentaries including National Geographic, PBS, Sixty Minutes, Bill Moyer, CBS Nightly News, California Heartland, Canadian Public Broadcasting, Australian Public Broadcasting and many local news broadcasts.

His art has had a strong impact on many people in America, not just collectors, but on other painters as well. He teaches and “preaches” simplicity and honesty as key to great art. He encourages others to paint what they know. “Painting should be a visual autobiography. Paint those subjects with which you are the most intimately acquainted.”

Paul works primarily in oil, but he also works in pastel.

He has held exhibits at the Fresno Art Center, The Hanford Art Center, The Haggin Museum in Stockton, The Bakersfield Art Museum, The Modesto Art Museum, The Great Valley Center in Modesto and the beautiful Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, California.

His works have been displayed in the Senate Chambers in both Washington, D. C. and California. His paintings are in small and large, public and private collections throughout the United States of America.

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