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The story behind the art…

Saw a wonderful Indie movie on PBS last night called “Between the Folds” about the art of paper-folding (origami.) One artist, Chris Palmer, talked about how we only see about 1/3 of the art in any final artwork hung on a wall.  The real part of the art itself, the other 2/3, is in the making of it. This process is much more than the art itself. As he talked about this, he was carefully folding, unfolding, refolding about an 18 in square piece of paper for 5 hours as they filmed him.

Seeing the process of the art-making, or actually doing it yourself, is the profound part of the art: the story of it.  This is what the Three Rivers Artists’ Studio Tour is about, giving you glimpses of this process. It is about the artist and the space called the Studio, and what happens there because of the movement of the artist’s hands. Come to the Studio Tour on March 19-20-21 and let yourself be inspired to sprout the artist within you.


More of the paper folding art:

Chris Palmer

Paul Jackson

Vincent Floderer

See links and descriptions of all the paper artists in the film here.

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