Elsah Cort 🌀 Artist

“Just Do It” Workshop: Step by Step to Making a Free Website-Blog

:: Schedule your own 6 hour workshop date
with four participants minimum

::  Taught by Elsah Cort, artist and web presence consultant

:: Location available in Three Rivers,
but also can be where you live (WiFi is required.)

“Make Art” digital collage © Elsah Cort

Note to Artists (and anyone who wants some online exposure for what you are up to) > Take a deep breath and let go of your reluctance for making a creative splash in the world wide web.

This will take you step by step in making a “blog” as a website. You won’t need to know how to use website design software to do this. You won’t need to purchase expensive website software to do this. You won’t need to hire a web designer to make changes on your website later on.

You will be able to easily and quickly showcase your art, your business or whatever is your special niche. You will have an online “business card” you can share with your customers, clients, art patrons and friends. You won’t be using up a lot of precious art-making time on the computer. You will be able to integrate quick postings into your regular creative schedule. Or, even into your irregular schedule.

The free blogging platform used in this workshop will be wordpress.com, which has wonderful, sophisticated and simple templates for the design and framework of your website. So you won’t have to create a design from scratch.

Call Elsah Cort at 559-561-4671 to sign up.
Number of spaces is limited to six persons.
Registration fee is $50. VISA, MC and Discover, check, cash accepted.
Fee covers both sessions.
No refund for cancellation or missing a session.

Laptop is preferred, not exactly required, but you won’t be able to progress as easily without one. You can share one with a friend, provided the friend signs up with you, of course!


Samples of websites “made from a blog” template linked below.
(all made by Elsah Cort)





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